child smiling

Though the children’s energy allotted for play is exasperating for parents, children must not be deprived of playing because it is like work to them. Their playful attitude allows them to learn from others. That is why at North Dade Regional Academy, Inc., we use playing as an instrument to let them explore the things around them and, most importantly, socialize with children their age. We like to be an extension to your family, where your child does not only learn but also belong.

As we continue our exploration of the world, we cannot help but face problems now and then. During our childhood days, we were still unaware of these problems and considered them an “adult thing.” The question is, when will we start introducing our children to a problem to help them survive the world?

North Dade Regional Academy, Inc. centers on a problem-centered curriculum particularly anchored on life situations. In this curriculum, we introduce each learner to little problems for them to level up and be stronger individuals facing and conquering another problem bigger than the first.

The characteristics of our curriculum are the following:

  • Based on real-world problems

    Real-world problems introduced to our learners are germane. In this way, accumulating the solution will tickle the minds of our young learners, thus improving their critical thinking skills.

  • Develops the skills

    Through significant problems, our young learners will develop and enhance skills that will enable them to deal with the problem more efficiently.

    These are the skills the children will certainly develop here at North Dade Regional Academy:

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Counting
    • Distinguishing colors, shapes, and objects
    • Cutting
    • Drawing
    • Socializing
    • Sharing
    • Rhyming
  • Produce divergent solutions

    A problem can be solved through different means and methods. This is good news for young learners because their minds will not only be set on one solution. Multiple answers to a problem make them think that the solutions are limitless and that there is no way they cannot solve the problem they are currently facing.